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Sore Throat

You already know a sore throat is a scratchy feeling in the back of your throat that becomes more painful when you swallow.

The clinical term is pharyngitis, which describes an inflammation of the throat or pharynx. Viral infections, such as cold and flu, are the most common causes of a sore throat.

Home remedies can bring relief while the virus resolves on its own. But a sore throat caused by bacteria — the dreaded strep throat or streptococcal infection — requires antibiotics.

Book a video consultation with UrOnlineGP to determine if your sore throat is treatable with a salt water gargle or needs a prescription.




How we treat you through Video Consultation

1. A UrOnlineGP video visit gives you the full attention of an APHRA registered doctor.
2. You will receive a physical examination that is customized and focused to your specific complaint.
3. Your doctor will guide you through looking, listening and feeling to complete a thorough assessment.
4. If a prescription is issued by UrOnlineGP doctor, you will have it available at your preferred local pharmacy immediately after the video consultation.
5. If you have a thermometer, blood pressure cuff, heart rate monitor or have any medical applications on your mobile device please have them ready. This information will help the doctor make a diagnosis and treat your condition safely and effectively.



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