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Anxiety & Stress

While anxiety is a normal reaction to stressful life events, people with anxiety disorders will have intense feelings of worry and panic that interfere with daily activities.

Anxiety that lasts a long time, is out of proportion to the stress of a given event or interferes with your life may indicate an anxiety disorder such as panic disorder, social phobia or generalized anxiety disorder. Symptoms can develop anytime from childhood into adulthood.

Someone can also have symptoms of more than one anxiety disorder at the same time. A video visit with a UrOnlineGP psychologist or psychiatrist can help you identify and treat your anxiety or stress.




How we treat you through Video Consultation

1. Statistics show that 50% of people will meet criteria for a mental health diagnosis in their lifetime.

2. A UrOnlineGP video visit gives you the full attention of an APHRA registered psychiatrist.

3. Proven treatments exist, but many people don’t get the help they need.

4. UrOnlineGP provides a solution by bringing therapy to you in a comfortable and convenient way. A video visit is just like meeting in a provider’s office, without the hassle of actually going to an office.

5. If a prescription is issued by UrOnlineGP psychiatrist, you will have it available at your preferred local pharmacy immediately after the video consultation.



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